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Internet Integration Through WebLender

There is a growing need for solutions to enable a connected, collaborative and extended workforce to work more efficiently and embrace a variety of software and services technologies. With the addition of WebLender, ProLender: The Paperless Lending System helps you to meet those needs. WebLender is an internet solution that helps offices, brokers, loan reps and other employees in your company manage their customers and sales opportunities. Get easy access to customer information in a single place, and make the right decisions faster through familiar, integrated and easy-to-use software.

Features and Benefits

Generate pipeline reports and manage loans.  View customizable pipeline reports to easily monitor applications submitted, loans approved or loans ready to close.

View Loan level detail.  Drill down to specific loan information for detailed tracking of underwriting conditions, sign-offs, lock status information and images of submitted documents.

Submit loans and loan specific documents.  Submit new loans, update existing loans or documents directly into ProLender for seamless integration between offices, brokers, loan reps and your corporate office.

Receive lock requests.  Lock requests are received directly into ProLender for immediate underwriting action.

The Bottom Line

From pipeline reporting to lock requests and loan submissions, automating your processes on the internet will improve your ability to quickly and accurately respond to new customers, allowing you to strengthen your competitive advantage in the marketplace. It also creates a unique "larger than life" presence on the internet that encourages brokers and loan reps to do more business with you.

Because WebLender is an integrated piece of your Paperless Lending System, you can quickly deploy solutions that reduce inefficiencies, allow better control over your data, and provide lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


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